Pet Strap


High Strength & Practical Use

High Strength

Pet strap is preferred in medium and high strength packaging applications. It provides fixation of the packaged material with its non-stretchable structure.

Practical Use

Can be used on all manual strapping machines (pneumatic, rechargeable, buckle) and semi- or fully automatic machines. Provides economical and safe packaging.
High Strength 100%
Practical Use 100%



PET (POLYESTER) strapping is specifically designed to provide very strong resistances and to offer an alternative to steel strapping. It is more economical and robust than steel wire in press baling.
•They do not rust like steel,
• They are flexible,
• They are light,
• They can be used in all kinds of manual and semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines.
• Pet straps are suitable for use in fully automatic machines.
• Provides high safety during transport and loading.
• Dangers such as physical injury do not occur during tying and untying.
• It is a lighter and more economical product than steel strap.
• It is not affected by hot, cold, humidity and UV rays.
• It does not cause damage such as rust, stain, scratch, abrasion to the products to which it is connected.
• If the volume of the goods shrinks during transport, the strap easily compensates for the gap created by its elasticity and fixes the goods.
• No relaxation and loss of resistance seen in other straps over time.
• It is resistant against damages caused by chemical substances.
• Thanks to its practicality during fastening; it saves time and labour.

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