Company Profile

Company Profile
ENVIRO POLYMER KiMYA ÇEVRE TEKNOLOJILERI SAN TIC AŞ has been operating in the field of plastic raw material supply and sales since 2000 with 23 years of industry experience.

Our company, which brings together affordable and high quality raw materials from every region of the world with its customers, has extensive experience in logistics, operation and sales in the supply of plastic raw materials.

Our objective is to be a company that is open to innovations and co-operations in our developing world, that can keep up with the challenging competition conditions with its expanding market network and increasing product range, and to strive to maintain these qualities.
To supply high quality raw materials to our customers in domestic and foreign markets in the fastest way under the most economical conditions.
To produce customer-oriented service with a total quality understanding in the plastics industry.
With our professional and experienced team, it is always part of our mission to maximise our quality and efficiency and 100% customer satisfaction.
To produce solutions at the same standards for our small, medium or largescale customers at all levels.